Azure Active Directory SSO

Log in securely and efficiently using Azure Active Directory single sign-on.

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Azure Active Directory enables your users to sign in with their single sign-on details. We integrate with Azure Active Directory to provide you with a seamless login experience, safely and securely. If your company already uses Azure Active Directory, you can quickly and easily enable allow your employees to use their single sign-on details to access Learn Amp.


Enjoy a seamless login experience between Learn Amp and Azure Active Directory.

  • Your employees will be able to sign into the Learn Amp platform with their Azure Active Directory single sign-on details.
  • Signing in is quick and easy, while remaining safe and secure.
  • This integration can be used in combination with our Azure Active Directory Graph API integration if you require automatic synchronisation of user accounts with Learn Amp.

Set up

Setting up single sign-on with Azure Active Directory is straight forward.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open a Support Ticket asking us to enable this integration for your account.
  2. Please include your Active Directory Tenant ID in the support ticket, as we will need this to enable the integration.
  3. Once enabled, a user who has Admin permissions for your Active Directory will need to run through the authentication flow.
  4. They will be prompted to grant permission on behalf of the organization, so that individual users will not have to explicitly grant permission to the application.
  5. Once the admin has granted permission, all users of your Active Directory, who have a corresponding Learn Amp account, will be able to sign in.
  6. Please note, any users in your AD, who do not have Learn Amp accounts, will not be able to sign in until their user account has been set up in Learn Amp.