Connect to PeopleHR to seamlessly and automatically sync users between their platform and Learn Amp.

Categories: HR Systems


PeopleHR is an HR software system created by HR experts, providing cutting-edge tools for tackling HR admin.

If your company uses PeopleHR, it’s likely that all of your employees will be listed on there. Our integration with PeopleHR allows an automatic sync between platforms – making the setting up and maintenance of user profiles on Learn Amp a seamless experience.


  • Syncing users is seamless and efficient, eliminating any need for manual work.
  • All of your company’s employees that are in PeopleHR are automatically synced into Learn Amp.
  • In the future, when new users are added into your company’s PeopleHR system, they’ll automatically be added into Learn Amp too.
  • Standard fields such as an employee’s name, job title, manager, and team are also pulled into Learn Amp.
  • If an employee’s details (such as job title or team) change in PeopleHR, these changes will be automatically reflected in Learn Amp too.
  • You can choose when to invite users from your PeopleHR system into Learn Amp, so there’s no rush or need to do so immediately.

Set up

Setting up your PeopleHR integration is simple and easy.

On your side, that’s needed to set up this integration is:

  • A PeopleHR account.
  • An API key for PeopleHR.

We’ll work with you to make sure the process is as smooth as possible, and we’ll help you configure the integration.