With Pluralsight teams know more and work better together.

The integration connects Learn Amp with with Pluralsight, to help teams develop skills across software development, IT, data and more.

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Pluralsight is an online learning platform with an extensive library filled with engaging and expertly curated content. If your company has a Pluralsight account, our integration allows you to access and complete content from Pluralsight’s library, without leaving the Learn Amp platform.


Pluralsight is the technology workforce development company that helps teams know more and work better together with stronger skills, improved processes and gain insights through data.

Pull content into Learn Amps system via a ‘select and add’ process.

  • Access to 7000+ courses across tech*
  • 1,500+ expert authors of great content
  • A wide range of topics including Software development, Web development, IT ops, Creative and Business.
  • Varying levels of skills development from beginner to advanced

*Premium membership. Standard allows 2500+ core courses

Set up

Setting up the Pluralsight integration is simple and easy.

On your side, that’s needed to set up this integration is:

  • A Pluralsight account and API key
  • Users to have the same email address for both their Learn Amp and Pluralsight accounts