Employee Ecosystem
Companies use on average 7 different tools for messaging, communication, file sharing and scheduling. Learn Amp is your all-in-one platform with integrations to help you deliver across the board.
Your all-in-one Employee Hub
Tie together key areas of employee experience including learning, comms, coaching, alignment, community and performance development. Sync your various tools and unify your users experience by linking to or integrating other core tools
Automate user management and enable SSO for ease of sign in
Get your learners into the system quickly and easily with our HRIS, Azure and ADFS integrations. Choose from our out-of-the-box SSO options for additional ease and security
In the flow of work..
Integrate in with Zoom, Slack and MS Teams to allow users to seamlessly switch between applications they love. Push and pull learning between platforms, get automated reminders and recommendations and remove unnecessary admin for slick set up and use